Track streaming and viewing on China’s largest game streaming platforms.

Streaming video is one of the most important components of the gaming and esports industry. Global leaders include Twitch and YouTube. In China, the leaders are Douyu, Huya, and Bilibili. The China Games Streaming Tracker shines a light on traffic and importance of streamers to the games industry in China. Streaming video tracking also helps users identify the hot games and trends in China, and the popular streamers.

Gamers globally have increased their gaming and streaming time in 2020 during COVID-19, and China is no exception. Gamers are spending more time viewing and playing games, and esports events have moved from live to online only. Further, Asia leads the rest of the gaming world in esports and streaming.

Understanding streaming behaviors is critical to understanding the reach and impact of a game throughout its entire lifecycle, as well as the streamers themselves as influencers and media channels in their own right.

3-month minimum

What’s included:

  • Dashboard tracks 400+ (and growing) streaming game titles
  • Top game titles (by streaming hours, streamers, heat index, fans, and virtual gifting (tips)
  • Tracking 24/7:
    • Douyu (160 million+ MAU)
    • Huya (120 million + MAU)
    • Bilibili (130 million+ MAU)
  • Summary analysis of key trends and notable events

The target audience for Niko’s China Games Streaming Tracker is investors, esports professionals, game developers, game publishers, other streaming platforms, marketers, advertising agencies, and anyone who wants a unique view into the huge, vibrant games streaming industry in China.