What you’ll learn from this report:

The China Gamers Report provides a detailed analysis of gamer behavior and spending by geography, gender, and platform. It identifies the total addressable market for China by measuring gamer demographics (including gender, age, occupation, platform use, and more), gaming behavior (including where and when they discover and play games, engagement with popular game titles, spending and more), gamer motivations, gaming preferences, gaming platforms and devices, with comparative analysis by city tier, gender, platform, and gaming motivations. Importantly, this report shines a light on gamers throughout China, not just the major cities.



What’s included:

  • Market size and revenue
  • Data and comparative analysis by city tier, gender, platform, and more:
    • Demographics
    • Revenue
    • Gaming time
    • Spending and ARPU
    • Games
    • Genres
    • Platforms
    • Purchase motivations and decisions
    • Reasons for playing and leaving games
    • Payment methods
    • Eports
    • Cloud gaming
    • Mobile emulators
    • Non gaming entertainment and consumption
    • 90 slides with 80+ data exhibits

Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • There are approximately 720 million gamers in China
  • More than 97% of people ages 18-24, and more than 90% of people ages 25-35 in China are gamers.
  • 48% of gamers in China are female.
  • Gamers in China spend more time playing games than on any other activity surveyed.
    • More than 18% spend more than 30 hours per week on games.
  • Gamers spend vastly more entertainment time online than offline For example, 45.2% go to the cinema, but 91.8% watch films online. 68.9% go out shopping, while 86.8% of shop online.
  • Cities in China are categorized into 5 tiers.
    • There are vast cultural and behavioral differences from city to city.
    • Gamer behaviors and spending vary greatly among the city tiers.
    • Game companies must acquire users in smaller cities: 76% of gamers in China live in Tier 3-5 cities, accounting for 70% of game revenue.
    • 30% of revenue comes from Tiers 1 & 2, China’s biggest cities.