26 01, 2015

Xiaomi Acquires Kingsoft Shares

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Xbox One in China to Launch TV Services Xbox One in China has access to Shanghai Media Group's Internet TV platform, and will officially launch TV services such as BesTV Internet TV, English Premier League, and more. TV services will include six categories: Popular movies, TV series, sports games, animation, documentaries, and entertainment shows, all of [...]

15 01, 2015

Sony PS4 Launch in China Delayed

2015-01-15T08:03:11-08:00January 15th, 2015|Categories: China, Consoles, Mobile Game Industry|

PS4 Launch in China Delayed Sony PS4 was scheduled for launch in China on January 11th but the launch was delayed indefinitely. Microsoft endured a last-minute delay of its China launch of the Xbox One in September 2013 as well. Sony has not stated the reason for the delay but odds are strong that it was [...]

22 12, 2014

PS4 to Launch in China in January

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Qualcomm Invests in Chukong Technologies Qualcomm hosted a press conference in Beijing, announcing that it will risk invest in Chukong Technologies and three other companies, totaling $40 million. Chukong Technologies is famous for the game Fishing Joy. Last month Chukong also received strategic investment from the biggest mobile game company in Japan - GungHo. China Will [...]

13 11, 2014

Xbox One Price Cut in China

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WeChat Now Allows Free Calls Tencent's WeChat has launched a new compelling service that is bound to attract even more usage, and therefore lead to more gameplay as games are frequently used by WeChat users. There is a new WeChat contacts app that allows users to make and receive free calls, and sends the caller to [...]

23 10, 2014

Tax on Online Games in Vietnam

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Baidu's Mobile Game Report Baidu's Mobile Game September report shows that Baidu launched 185 mobile games in September. These include online games, dominated by card and action genres, and downloadable games, dominated by casual, shooter and action genres. The online game genres contribute the most revenue. The #1 downloadable offline game ranked by gross revenue is [...]

16 10, 2014

MOL Global’s IPO

2014-10-16T07:27:15-07:00October 16th, 2014|Categories: Alibaba, Consoles, Southeast Asia|

MOL Global's IPO MOL Global had its initial public offering (NASDAQ: MOLG) on October 9th, and raised $169 million. MOL is the largest e-payment provider in SE Asia, covering 13 countries and 920,000 physical sales spots in 4 continents. It is the largest e-payment service provider in SEA's games industry, and a vast number of SEA [...]

25 09, 2014

Xbox One Launch in China Delayed

2014-09-25T15:42:22-07:00September 25th, 2014|Categories: Alibaba, China, Consoles|

China's BesTV (Xbox Partner) and Oriental Pearl (Sony Partner) May Merge Niko has written in the Niko News (5/29) that it is interesting that Microsoft's Chinese JV partner for Xbox One (BesTV) and Sony's Chinese JV partner for PS4 (Oriental Pearl Culture Development) are owned by the same parent company, the Shanghai Media Group, which in [...]

18 09, 2014

Smartphone Ownership on Rise in China and Vietnam

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Niko Partners at GamesBeat On Tuesday Sept 16th Niko Partners' own Michele Maguire was the moderator for a fireside chat with Jeff Lyndon, co-founder of iDreamSky, at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco in a track called "Why China has become the hottest games market." The Xbox One in China Chinese consumers are gearing up for [...]

4 09, 2014

Xbox One Pricing in China

2014-09-04T10:02:36-07:00September 4th, 2014|Categories: Consoles, Indonesia, Kong Zhong, Niko Analysis, Xiaomi|

China Leading the Way for Mobile Games Distribution via Mobile Chat Apps Check out Lisa Hanson's latest article on In it she discusses the interesting opportunity for mobile games distribution via mobile chat apps, using the example of Tencent's WeChat as one that is leading the pack globally. Xbox One Pricing in China BesTV has [...]