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China Unicom to Raise $11.7 Billion from Private Firms

China Unicom to Raise $11.7 Billion from Private Firms China Unicom is said to be raising $11.7 billion from investors including the likes of Tencent and Alibaba. China Unicom will be the first of the state-run telecom entities to receive private capital and mixed ownership. China Mobile is still the world's largest mobile phone operator in [...]

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Malaysia’s iCandy to IPO

China's 668 Million Netizens The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNCC) published its 37th research report this week. The report shows that as of December 2015, China had 668 million "netizens" with internet penetration rates at 50.3%, up 2.4% over 2014. The number of mobile netizens reached 620 million in 2015. Wi-Fi coverage made a significant [...]

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Monster Hunt Breaks Records in China

Videogame Makers Battle Chinese Censors to Win Over Gamers China opened its market to game consoles several days ago by releasing the restriction on sales of consoles to those made within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Now consoles may be manufactured and sold throughout the country, which eliminates a distribution and logistics hurdle that existed before, [...]

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Taiwan & Mainland China Game Industry Regulations

A regulatory policy was put into place to allow further cooperation between games industry companies and other e-commerce companies located in mainland China and Taiwan. Taiwanese media stated that with the new agreement Taiwanese-headquartered companies can now own up to 55% of companies located in mainland China, and that the censorship period for Taiwanese games to [...]

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