The aggregated value of the games market in Asia-10 is massive, and still growing – by double digits in PC and mobile games. We forecast that Asia will continue with strong growth in PC and mobile gaming for the next 5 years. Data and insights for 2019-2024e are published in new country-level reports on fast growth games and esports markets that Niko Partners defines as Asia-10: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, India. We have also published an accompanying Asia-10 regional report.

Asia-10 is comprised of 10 very distinct markets each with its own culture, gamer preferences, spending, and even regulations. Game companies, marketers, esports teams, sponsors, hardware makers and the like will succeed only if they spend the effort to get to know the local gamers and local markets.

Key takeaways from the new reports include:

  • Asia-10 PC games revenue will be $9.7 billion in 2020, with Japan and S. Korea taking 75% share.
  • Asia-10 mobile revenue will be $23.2 in 2020, with Japan taking 62% share.
  • Total PC & mobile games revenue in the Asia 10 region will grow to $42 billion in 2024
  • The region will have 826 million gamers by 2024, with the vast majority playing on mobile, roughly 1/4 playing on PC, and a large number playing on both.
  • Mobile gaming in the Asia-10 region is projected to generate $31.23 billion in revenue by 2024.
  • PC gaming is projected to generate $10.77 billion in revenue by 2024.
  • Together China and the Asia-10 represent more than 50% of the world’s mobile games market revenue, and more than 60% of the world’s PC game revenue.
  • The countries in the Asia-10 region with the highest revenue are Japan and Korea.
  • The fastest growing countries in Asia-10 are India, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  • Japan has the most significant console market in Asia, and is newer to esports than most of the other markets.

For the first time we have divided our Asia market reports by country so that clients can choose the data they need at an accessible price point ($2,500 per country). The Country Reports provide a deep dive into the games markets and gamers of Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam including market model and 5-year forecast of games and gamers, and qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, behavior and usage. The Asia Regional Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the entire Asia region. Learn more or purchase the reports here.