What you’ll learn from this white paper:

New research from Coda, the global leader in content monetization solutions for gaming and digital publishers, and Niko Partners, the leading provider of market intelligence on the video game industry in Asia and MENA, deep dive into the evolving landscape of the gaming industry and the opportunities in digital distribution and monetization strategies for mobile game publishers. The white paper also sheds light on fragmentation in payment methods, differing market dynamics and solutions games publishers should consider to maximize returns by leveraging alternative monetization strategies.

This whitepaper explains the market opportunity available to publishers and developers who choose to work with a partner like Coda (or one of its competitors). Coda’s goal is to provide an overview of digital content distribution and monetization, clarify market structure, and describe the steps developers and publishers should consider in order to take advantage of this significant incremental opportunity outside of the two primary app stores. The paper also aims to address potential publisher concerns and clarify the complexities a publisher might encounter when considering partners outside of the app distribution and monetization channels (Google Play and Apple App Store).

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