What you’ll learn from this report:

With more than 200 million fans and the most top competitors and teams, China dominates the global esports market and is also the most advanced in terms of esports infrastructure and venues. Many of China’s leading companies are investing billions to grow the market. The report explains our analysis on the factors that are driving and inhibiting growth as well as which companies, games, and competitors, both foreign and domestic, are important.



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What’s included:

  • Detailed analysis on trends in the esports games segment based on data published in the April 2017 Data Report
  • Estimated market size of total esports industry in China, with a look at all segments, including the leading games
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer behavior, spending and influences
  • Growth drivers and barriers
  • Notable companies, games, teams, and competitors
  • M&A and investment activity
  • Regulations specific to esports gaming
  • 52 slides, 15 data exhibits

Key takeaways from the analysis:

  • The market size for professional esports in China in 2017 will be $1.26 billion, not including the revenue from Chinese gamers playing esports games
  • Chinese professional gaming teams have earned cult-like status among millions of domestic gamers, and are leading contenders at most worldwide esports tournaments.
  • The growing popularity of esports has led to a resurgence in I-café usage. Gamers not only play esports games and tournaments at I-cafés, they also watch online streams of the country’s best players.
  • Social media has been a key driver of esports leading to live game broadcasts, interaction between fans and professional, sponsorships and advertising.
  • Some of the most popular esports games in China include League of Legends, Dota 2, CrossFire, Clash Royale and Honor of Kings.
  • Mobile esports will drive growth in 2017 and beyond due to the proliferation of smartphones, growing popularity of mobile esports titles and ability to stream tournaments on-the-go.

How to topic reports work?

Topic Reports are companion reports to the China Digital Games Market Data Report which covers market sizing, 5-year forecasts, and gamer data from our proprietary survey. Each Topic Report holds deeper analysis of a specific topic, allowing you to purchase only those Topic Reports that are relevant to your business.

Each of the 5 Topic Reports is $2,000, and the Data Report is $4,000. Companies that buy the Data report plus all 5 Topic Reports receive 5 hours of consulting time.

2017 topic reports include:
1. PC Online Games
2. Mobile Games
3. TV-Based Games
4. Esports (including I-cafes)
5. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality