Niko News: 2022 Asian Games Adds Esports

2022 Asian Games Adds Esports

Esports will now be an official medal sport in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. The Olympic Council of Asia has also been working with Alisports to include esports in the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Turkemnistan and in the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia next year, but as demonstration sports. After the Olympics, the Asian Games are the second largest multi-sports event in the world.

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GamesBeat Summit to delve into China’s role in the global game ecosystem

On May 2nd, Venturebeat will be hosting the GamesBeat Summit at Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA. Niko Partners’ Lisa Cosmas Hanson will be moderating a panel on China’s accelerating expansion in the global game ecosystem and the panelists will include Jim Ying, senior advisor at CV Capital; James Zhang, CEO of Concept Art House; and Jazy Zhang, former CFO at Giant Interactive Group.

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iCandy Completes Acquisition Of Singapore Based Studio Inzen

According to Inside Games Asia, iCandy Interactive has completed its acquisition of Singapore’s Inzen Studio, a mobile game company. iCandy acquired 100% of Inzen at about $4.4 million. “In addition, Australia-listed iCandy has also brought on board Baidu Games (China), Incubate Fund (Japan), Hatcher (Singapore) and Global Mobile Game Confederation (China), institutional shareholders that will facilitate the group’s strategic partnerships across Japan and China.”

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Movies Hollywood Changed For China

We think of movies as static games and games as interactive movies. There is a lot of overlap with the movies and digital games industries lately, as well as an increase in cooperation between Hollywood and China for film production. China heavily regulates all digital content, and sets a quota of 34 foreign movies to be released annually. Many studios accommodate the regulators by changing the movies from their initial plan, in hope for approval. Looper, an entertainment new source, released a video overview this week of how several movies have been changed (either for the censors or to appeal to the market).

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Tencent is rebranding its PC digital game store as WeGame (updated)

Tencent previewed an announcement, scheduled for April 20th, regarding the rebranding of TGP as WeGame, and the addition of new features to TGP, the popular PC games distribution platform and store. As Niko analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted, the new features may include something “international” but it is highly likely that WeGame will remain a domestic Chinese service for the foreseeable future, perhaps one that supports distribution of licensed PC games from overseas. We will update you after Tencent’s announcement when we learn more.

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