SAPPRFT Delayed Date for Licenses on Mobile Games Under New Regulations

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! This past weekend, September 15th through the 18th, China celebrated its Mid-Autumn Festival. This annual festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night. We hope you all got to enjoy a mooncake or two! The9 Obtains Rights for a Crossfire Mobile [...]

The9 Obtains Exclusive License for Crossfire 2 in China

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IMF Includes Renminbi as a Main World Currency The IMF's announced its decision to include the Renminbi as a reserve currency in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies alongside only the Yen, Dollar, Euro and Pound. This is a reflection of the opening up of the Chinese economy and the release of currency controls, [...]

Niko News Roundup: Tencent’s Q4 Results

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Tencent's Q4 Results Tencent is the most important online game company in China based on it having the largest market share. The company released its Q4 financial report and these are the summarized statistics: Q4 Revenue: RMB16.97 billion, increased by 40% YOY. Q4 Net profit: RMB 3.93 billion, increased by 13%. 2013 total revenue: RMB 60.44 [...]

Niko News Roundup: Alibaba to IPO in US

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Alibaba to IPO in US Watch for this IPO - it will be very big, and very important. Alibaba is contending with Tencent and is related to and impacting Yahoo. Another IPO to watch in the US is Sina Weibo, China's huge microblogging service Niko Partners at GDC Lots of Chinese and other Asian game companies are [...]