17 08, 2015

China’s Growth Data

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The 90s Generation in China A Chinese social networking website conducted a survey on what Chinese kids of "the 90s generation" (born 1990 and later) are doing during their summer holiday. Of the 2,541 responses, 1,217 were boys and 1,324 were girls. The findings show that 68.6% say they are watching TV, 65.7% are going to [...]

31 07, 2015

Monster Hunt Breaks Records in China

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Videogame Makers Battle Chinese Censors to Win Over Gamers China opened its market to game consoles several days ago by releasing the restriction on sales of consoles to those made within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Now consoles may be manufactured and sold throughout the country, which eliminates a distribution and logistics hurdle that existed before, [...]

23 05, 2015

Impact of eSports on China & SE Asia

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MIIT's Goals for China China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced three major goals that need to be achieved by the end of 2017: 1. All households in cities should have access to 100M internet provided by optical fiber, and all cities and countryside should be covered by 4G internet; 2. The average broadband [...]

20 04, 2015

Clash of Clans in China

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Clash of Clans in China Read Lisa Hanson's latest post on regarding Clash of Clans and possible reasons for its success in China: Did you happen to see Liam Neeson's Super Bowl commercial for Clash of Clans? The numbers say you probably did. The one-minute spot featured the gravel-voiced Irish thespian self-parodying his popular character [...]

29 01, 2015

Local Philippines Government Censors DotA, Crossfire and Point Blank

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Bloomberg Interview with Niko Partners The article discusses the difficulty of success in China's mobile games market compared with the rest of the world, using US-based Playdot's games TwoDots as the case study. One of Niko's data points that is used in this article shows our estimate that roughly 40% of Chinese mobile gamers spend some [...]