10 05, 2016

China (And Asia) Are Driving A Booming Global ESports Market

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Originally published on Forbes Asia. Ben Wu’s hard work in college led to a degree in biomedical engineering and a well-paid job at a Chicago trading firm. But in spite of being the envy of many of his peers, he quit after just three years to become a professional PC online game player. Going by the [...]

24 04, 2016

China’s Mobile Games Market Is Growing Up

2016-04-24T21:10:25+00:00 April 24th, 2016|Categories: China, eSports, Mobile Game Industry|

This article was originally published on Forbes. Take a close look at the trends in the mobile gaming market in China, and you’ll see the signposts of an industry that’s evolving from fledgling upstart to mature market. The mobile games segment has been staking an increasingly significant claim on the overall digital games market in China for several years. While [...]

18 04, 2016

Chinese E-commerce Tax Rules Change

2016-04-22T13:23:32+00:00 April 18th, 2016|Categories: Alibaba, China, eSports, Singapore|

YouTube Gaming Enters Southeast Asia YouTube's answer to the massively popular Twitch streaming platform, has now entered Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and more. Gamers will be able to share streams of their favorite games and recorded gameplay sessions. As we predicted the rise of eSports for 2016, Google's push for their streaming platform makes total [...]

28 03, 2016

The First Chinese Mobile eSports Game Conference

2016-03-28T11:51:02+00:00 March 28th, 2016|Categories: China, eSports, Mobile Game Industry, Tencent|

The First Chinese Mobile eSports Game Conference The first Chinese Mobile Esports Games (CMEG) press conference took place in Beijing on March 19th. A spokesperson from the General Administration of Sports of China, Information Center, reported that China's esports market in 2015 reached RMB 27 billion in market size (approx. $175 billion USD), and they are [...]

4 03, 2016

NetEase Doubles Performance Over 2014

2016-03-04T09:31:19+00:00 March 4th, 2016|Categories: eSports, NetEase, Xiaomi|

China Leads eSports Prize Winners Gamelook reported that in 2015 China has maintained the top position in terms of professional eSports gamers' total income, with the prize amount totaling $14.08 million. In 2014 China's professional eSports gamers' income surpassed South Korea and became the highest in the world. According to iResearch, the number of eSports participants [...]

7 02, 2016

Malaysia’s iCandy to IPO

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China's 668 Million Netizens The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNCC) published its 37th research report this week. The report shows that as of December 2015, China had 668 million "netizens" with internet penetration rates at 50.3%, up 2.4% over 2014. The number of mobile netizens reached 620 million in 2015. Wi-Fi coverage made a significant [...]

14 01, 2016

Chinese Smartphones Dominate at CES

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CES 2016 - Chinese Smartphones Dominate CES 2016 displayed a wide range of Chinese Android phones as well as a contentious hoverboard. There was not much news reported about Chinese gaming devices however, except of course for the fact that Android phones are one of the most important gaming devices in the world these days. American [...]

11 12, 2015

Google Tests Out China’s Free Trade Zone

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Google Tests Out China's FTZ There have been many rumors brewing recently about Google possibly reentering China in 2016, leading with Google Play. We cannot confirm these rumors to be true at this time, but we did take note of something mentioned in Sinocism this week, that had come from the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ [...]

23 10, 2015

Intriguing Acquisitions of CMGE & Shanda

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Chinese Mobile Gaming Market to Benefit From Faster Replacement Rate of Smartphones Technode (via Sinocism) posted an article stating that Chinese smartphone users changed their smartphones once every 29-months in 2011, but the period has been shorted to 18 months now. Over 20% of Chinese users will update for a newer phone within one year, while [...]

26 09, 2015

Valve Sues Copycats in Asia

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Valve Sues Copycats in Asia Valve Corporation, developer of Dota2, has officially filed a lawsuit against the developer of Dao Ta Chuan Qi ("Dota Legend" or "Soul Clash" in Japan) - Lilith Games, and the game's publisher Longtu Game. Valve requires that Lilith Games and Longtu Game to stop all development and operations work of Dao [...]