Blockchain Games in China

Blockchain games have become a hot topic around the world recently after the success of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Thanks to this, many have noticed that blockchain has value in being used outside of simple currency trading and in the world of digital games. This has led to a number of game developers using the [...]

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NetEase 2018 Games Strategy – Q1 results, trends from the 520 conference, and a free report

NetEase had a strong 2017 as continued stable performance from legacy titles alongside new game launches allowed the company to report its best financial results ever. In 2018 the company is taking a more rounded approach to grow both domestically and overseas. First quarter 2018 results reflect NetEase in transition from a domestic games company to [...]

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5 Takeaways on China from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

China was a hot topic in Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend Report for 2018. For the first time ever, there was an entire section (24 slides) dedicated specifically to the China internet market - indicative of just how important the China market has become. The section covers internet usage, mobile usage, mobile gaming, time spent on [...]

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The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s report on China’s digital games sector

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has released a report on China’s digital games sector. The report is available for free download and covers everything from market protections, IP rights conditions, foreign acquisitions, and privacy concerns. Niko Partners contributed to the report. Read more or download the report here.

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Tencent and NetEase go head to head in the battle royale genre

Battle royale is currently the hottest genre in gaming and Niko dubbed 2017 as the first year of battle royale games. In 2017 we noted that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) was the most popular game with over 30 million-unit sales on PC and Console. Fortnite was also gaining popularity thanks to its free to play model and [...]

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Tencent Financial Roundup

Tencent, the world’s largest games company and 5th biggest company overall in the world by market cap, reported very strong growth in 2017 driven by the gaming business. The company reported total net revenues of RMB 237,760 million ($37.8 billion) for the calendar year, up 56% YoY. Net revenue from Tencent’s games amounted to a little [...]

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We’ve opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand!

Niko Partners is thrilled to announce that we've opened a Southeast Asia office in Bangkok, Thailand. As Southeast Asia grows in importance to the global games industry, client demand for analysis on the region has grown as well. Niko analyst Tyler Sycamore is heading up the office and team. He'll be attending numerous conferences and esports [...]

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Tencent gets ‘Serious’ with its Games Business

Tencent (TCEHY), the largest digital games publisher in China, has confirmed that it will extend beyond traditional video games this year by launching ‘Serious Games’ with the primary purpose of solving real world issues. Serious Games are not a new concept, the Serious Games Association has held a conference every year since 2014 and since then [...]

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