Niko News: Apple Removes Nearly 60k Chinese Apps

Apple Removes Nearly 60k Chinese Apps from the App Store

Between June 10th and June 21st, Apple removed around 58,000 Chinese apps from the App Store. About a third of the games were gaming apps. It has been noted that Apple routinely removes apps every 2-3 months, however, this was a larger mass removal than previous clean-ups.

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Longzhu Games Broadcast to Invest RMB 1 Bln in Gamecasting Industry

According to Marbridge Daily, “Taicang-based Juyitang Network Technology, operator of video gamecasting platform Longzhu Games Broadcast, will invest RMB 1 bln in the gamecasting industry, and will look to gain a foothold in the gaming, sports, broader entertainment, and e-commerce industries, announced CEO Chen Qidong. Longzhu will sign strategic partnerships with game developers Tencent and Giant Network Group, as well as sports event copyright holders, head anchors, and professional e-sports teams.”

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Tencent Invests in Ourpalm

After five months of halted trading, Ourpalm announced that its restructuring has been terminated and that Tencent will purchase a stake in the firm, marking the first time that the Tencent group will directly invest in a game company on the A-share market. Yao Wenbin, Ourpalm’s controlling shareholder, plans to sell 55,417,497 shares to Tencent for USD72 million (CNY490 million) based on a share price of CNY8.84. Tencent will hold a 2% stake in the company. Ourpalm was founded in 2004 and has published over 200 titles to date.

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Latest Batch of Hollywood Blockbusters Wow in China, Underwhelm at Home

Chinese audience have once again showed support for action-focused movies as “Transformers: The Last Knight” took in 39 million RMB ($5.7 million) at its premiere in China. It’s the series’ strongest midnight opening in China yet, nearly doubling that of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

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Niko’s Latest Analysis on China’s TV-Based Games Market

The China TV-Based Games Market Topic Report, the third of five companion reports to Niko’s 2017 China Digital Games Market Data Report, is now available. This report can be used by itself, but is intended to be paired with the Market Data Report, in which we published the market size and forecast for PC online, mobile and TV-based games.

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