Niko News: Apple Faces Falling Sales in China

Apple Faces Falling Sales in China

The world’s most valuable tech company had an average fiscal quarter with declining iPhone sales and slowing demand, despite becoming the first US company to reach a market cap of $800 billion this week. Apple is facing fierce competition in China from OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi – domestic brands that are growing in prominence. According to Canalys, Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi now have more than 50 percent of the market as Apple and Samsung are losing share. We have noticed an increase in the usage of mobile phone games via the stores of such lower-cost phone companies.

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Game Revenues in China to Grow From $26 Billion to $35 Billion by 2021

Niko’s most recent publication, the 2017 Digital Games Market Data Report, is a report stating the market size and 5-year forecast of all segments of the digital games market in China, plus summary analysis of gamers and trends in the market. China will enjoy strong growth in digital gamers and games revenue in the next five years, and mobile game usage and revenue (as measured by domestic revenue only, which excludes export revenue) will overtake PC online games by 2018. Check out Venturebeat’s coverage and contact us to purchase this report ad-hoc or as part of a customized subscription package.

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Blizzard Reveals Overwatch’s Loot Box Probability Rates

Per Chinese regulations, Blizzard has complied and released loot box probability rates for their hit shooter Overwatch. The law now requires companies to disclose the probabilities behind “blind buy” boxes like Overwatch’s loot boxes.

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Chinese Fantasy Role Playing Game Has 50 Million Active Players And Launched In Western Markets

According to Inside Games Asia – Honor of Kings, a role­playing game for smartphones from Tencent, has attracted more than 50 million active daily users since the beginning of the year, after adding 5 million a month since it was launched by internet company Tencent. Niko Partner’s own Daniel Ahmad recently wrote on the Niko blog about Honor Kings assisting tencent’s global gaming dominance as well as within mobile esports in China.

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Mount & Blade Takes on Esports

While shooters and MOBAs have dominated the esports scene the past handful of years, there is still room for growth by other genres. Mount & Blade, a medieval role-playing game that debuted in 2008, is entering the esports arena with its first live tournament in Europe. We look forward to seeing if this RPG will find its footing in the competitive gaming scene.

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