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15 07, 2016

Niko News: Q&A for China’s Newest Mobile Games Regulations

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Pokemon Go's Rapid Success The overwhelming success of Pokemon Go is the talk of all the game industry press worldwide this week, and is important news in China as well despite not launching there yet. Niko Partners is conducting a survey now on the use of Pokemon Go in China through VPN channels. We will write [...]

10 07, 2016

Niko News: Wandoujia Acquired by Alibaba

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Wandoujia Acquired by Alibaba Alibaba will acquire Wandoujia at $200 million. After the acquisition Wandoujia will be incorporated into Alibaba's mobile business unit. Softbank used to be the largest shareholder of Wandoujia. In 2014, Wandoujia landed $120 million in Series B financing from Softbank, DCM and Innovation Works Development Fund. It was also then invested in [...]

6 07, 2016

Digital Content Regulators Clamp Down on Mobile Games Across Asia

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Originally published on Forbes. The Chinese government is taking up new regulatory measures to root out what it deems as “undesirable” content in mobile games. The new rules are the latest in a series of recent widespread, government-led efforts to tighten restrictions on a broad range of online content across Southeast Asia and China — pointing to [...]

5 07, 2016

The Good and the Bad of the Passion for Gaming in Chinese Internet Cafés

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Originally published on Gamasutra. When it comes to describing hard-core gamers in China, “passionate” might be too gentle of an adjective. Both positive and negative components exist in this passion particularly as it relates to gamers in Internet cafés; on the one hand, the I-cafe industry is experiencing a grand resurgence thanks to hard-core gamers, becoming [...]

5 07, 2016

New Regulations on Chinese Mobile App Collection of User Data

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China's eSports Industry The Game Publishers Association Publications Committee (GPC) of The China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association and Gamma Data jointly published the "2016 Q1 Chinese eSports Industry Report." The report shows that in Q1 China's eSports market generated RMB 12.1 billion revenue, and the game streaming market size reached RMB 520 million. Mobile eSports [...]