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29 01, 2015

Local Philippines Government Censors DotA, Crossfire and Point Blank

2015-01-29T13:55:34+00:00 January 29th, 2015|Categories: Alibaba, China, eSports, Mobile Game Industry, Philippines|

Bloomberg Interview with Niko Partners The article discusses the difficulty of success in China's mobile games market compared with the rest of the world, using US-based Playdot's games TwoDots as the case study. One of Niko's data points that is used in this article shows our estimate that roughly 40% of Chinese mobile gamers spend some [...]

26 01, 2015

Xiaomi Acquires Kingsoft Shares

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Xbox One in China to Launch TV Services Xbox One in China has access to Shanghai Media Group's Internet TV platform, and will officially launch TV services such as BesTV Internet TV, English Premier League, and more. TV services will include six categories: Popular movies, TV series, sports games, animation, documentaries, and entertainment shows, all of [...]

15 01, 2015

Sony PS4 Launch in China Delayed

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PS4 Launch in China Delayed Sony PS4 was scheduled for launch in China on January 11th but the launch was delayed indefinitely. Microsoft endured a last-minute delay of its China launch of the Xbox One in September 2013 as well. Sony has not stated the reason for the delay but odds are strong that it was [...]

8 01, 2015

Perfect World Potentially Going Private

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Perfect World Potentially Going Private Perfect World might be the next publicly traded Chinese online games operator to go private, following similar moves by Shanda Games and Giant Interactive. Perfect World's chairman of the board, Chi Yu Feng, offered $3.49/share for the company. The news pushed the stock price up 22% on NASDAQ. Vietnam's Internet Slowed [...]