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New i-Cafe and Internet Policies in China

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New i-Cafe and Internet Policies China's Ministry of Culture, Business Administration Department, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry, jointly issued a "Notice of strengthening law enforcement supervision, improving management polices, promoting the health and orderly development of the Internet service." Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture also issued "Views about promoting Internet service industry transformation and [...]

The Battle to Be China’s #1 Video Platform

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Niko Partners in The Economist The Economist published a Special Report on Pacific trade containing several short articles pertaining to China. Niko's Lisa Hanson was mentioned in reference to Tencent and the growth of the games market. The Battle to be China's #1 Video Platform This chart from China Internet Watch compiles data from iResearch comparing [...]

Xbox One Price Cut in China

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WeChat Now Allows Free Calls Tencent's WeChat has launched a new compelling service that is bound to attract even more usage, and therefore lead to more gameplay as games are frequently used by WeChat users. There is a new WeChat contacts app that allows users to make and receive free calls, and sends the caller to [...]

China to Establish IP Court

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Tencent's Mobile Game Partners Tencent Games VP Wang Bo announced that Tencent mobile game partners will receive RMB 3 billion ($490 million) in revenue share in 2015. Tencent launched 33 games on Ying Yong Bao (MyApp Store), and 8 of those have reached #1 on iOS F2P ranks and best-seller ranks. The company is emphasizing both [...]