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23 10, 2014

Tax on Online Games in Vietnam

2014-10-23T14:51:40+00:00 October 23rd, 2014|Categories: Baidu, Consoles, Mobile Game Industry, Vietnam|

Baidu's Mobile Game Report Baidu's Mobile Game September report shows that Baidu launched 185 mobile games in September. These include online games, dominated by card and action genres, and downloadable games, dominated by casual, shooter and action genres. The online game genres contribute the most revenue. The #1 downloadable offline game ranked by gross revenue is [...]

16 10, 2014

MOL Global’s IPO

2014-10-16T07:27:15+00:00 October 16th, 2014|Categories: Alibaba, Consoles, Southeast Asia|

MOL Global's IPO MOL Global had its initial public offering (NASDAQ: MOLG) on October 9th, and raised $169 million. MOL is the largest e-payment provider in SE Asia, covering 13 countries and 920,000 physical sales spots in 4 continents. It is the largest e-payment service provider in SEA's games industry, and a vast number of SEA [...]

6 10, 2014

Xbox One Launches in China, Ending Foreign Console Ban

2014-10-06T17:39:30+00:00 October 6th, 2014|Categories: China, Mobile Game Industry, Perfect World, Singapore|

Xbox One Launched on Sept. 29th in China The Xbox One launched September 29 after a one-week delay from the planned launch date in China. Initial reaction is positive but many gamers are waiting to see which of the 70 games in the pipeline for launch will actually make it to market. 10 games, including 2 [...]