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We give you the intelligence, strategy and guidance you need to understand, enter, and profitably grow in the games markets in Asia.

Fast growing and incredibly diverse, Asia is extremely complex and intensely competitive. Consumer preferences and behaviors change constantly, and evolve more quickly here than anywhere else in the world.

Our products and services are tailored to the needs of each client, from early market-entry through all stages of market development, and are as unique as the region we serve.

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Lisa Hanson of Niko Partners says companies like Tencent have turned China into a world leader in online gaming.


2017 China Digital Games Market Data Report 

The China games market is projected to grow from $26 billion in 2017 to $35 billion in domestic revenue by 2021 With 600 million gamers, the Chinese games market is the single most important market in the world for mobile, online, and PC games.

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The 2017 China Game Law Primer

The regulatory landscape is the highest barrier to China’s digital games market. To succeed there you need a market-focused, timely understanding of all regulations and policies. The 2017 China Game Law Primer is the central resource for understanding all of the regulations, agencies, and administrators that impact the industry.

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Value-Added News Analysis

Stay current on all of the news in your specific areas of interest in China and Southeast Asia. We comb through all of the important local news to provide a weekly, monthly and quarterly look the news items relevant to you, along with analysis on why they’re important.

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Niko on CNBC

Tracking the Surge in Mobile Games

Lisa Hanson, Managing Partner, on the rise of mobile gaming around the world.


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China’s Newest Online Gaming Regulations – Explained

The new regulations include a new live streaming video law that will be taking effect January 1st, 2017 that companies in the eSports scene (and any other live broadcast) will need to understand.

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Niko on Bloomberg

Why Console Sales Are Slower than Expected in China

Lisa Hanson discusses video-game console sales in China with Bloomberg’s Yvonne Man.